Siren - 2000
Video installation
Duration: 5 minutes with stereo audio
Dimensions of hole: 5 cm

The cry of an infant directs one to a hole in the wall through which is seen a video of a baby. For most of the video, the infant is calm. Eventually she does begin to cry, the sound slowly overwhelming the first audio track.

Carolyn Hew: "Lyla Rye" ZeD TV, CBC Television. Feb 2004 & Jan 2005
Virginia M Eichhorn: "Lyla Rye" Artichoke Magazine. Spring Issue, 2004
Blake Gopnik: "Here's Looking at you Kid" The Globe & Mail, March 18, 2000

Exhibition History:
2000 The Hole, Mercer Union (Toronto); 2003 Cambridge Public Art Galleries (Cambridge)