Kiosk - 2008
Dual channel video projection with wooden sculpture
Duration: 18 minutes, 22 seconds, silent
Dimensions: 2 x 1.7 x 3 m
Collection: Cadillac Fairview Corporation

Designed to resemble an empty mall kiosk, my sculpture is empty of objects for sale, yet filled with desire in the form of two videos projected on either end. In these videos, a woman arranges objects for display in increasingly unusual ways while the manner of filming causes her to merge with the kiosk itself.

Leah Sandals: “The Call of the (Art) Mall” Spacing Magazine blog. January 15, 2009
David Balzer: “Mall Art: Lyla Rye’s Kiosk” Eye Weekly: Best Bets. January 15, 2009

Exhibition History:
2008 Fairview Mall (Toronto)