Overshadow 1 - 2016
Single channel HD video
Duration: 15 minutes, 44 seconds with stereo audio
Audio by Nik Beeson

Inspired by the space-age design and utopian aspirations of the 1970's, Overshadow re-imagines an iconic geodesic dome as a planet in a strange eclipse. The illusion created obscures this vision of the future with images of contemporary life shot by the artist's teenage daughter. The audio score (by Nik Beeson) samples from an optimistic musical composition of the period.  This is gradually buried by contemporary music fragments from the teen's playlists. By simultaneously generating and exposing how the eclipse illusion is created, the video reflects on generations of human experience.

Exhibition History:
2016 In/Future (Toronto); 2017 Index Art Centre (Newark, USA); 2017 Auckland International Film Festival (Auckland, New Zealand); 2017 Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (Seattle, USA); 2017 The Cube Art Project (Lincoln, USA); 2017 Nuit Blanche (Winnipeg);